(image: Michael Provert' Photo Archive)

The Kiln Photo Workshops provide a creative and inspiring environment for anyone passionate about photography in Badshot Lea, Farnham, Surrey, England.

Evening, Daytime and Saturday Photography Workshops which start in January, April and September with skilled professionals and excellent facilities for beginners through to professionals. Membership scheme is also available for those who are looking for professional facilities such as darkrooms and digital suites.

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Michael Provert (far right) standing in front of Badshot Lea Village Hall

Farewell to Michael Provert

Michael Provert was always standing with The Kiln Photo Workshops. His life-long contribution and love to the community of Badshot Lea, Waverley, Surrey will be remembered by many after his sad demise on Saturday 21st January 2017.

Michael was significantly important figure to The Kiln as the longest standing supporter and the Trustee of Badshot Lea Village Hall where The Kiln Photo Workshops opened in 2010.

‘Without Michael, The Kiln Photo Workshops would have never happened. He was always very kind, helpful and backed our difficult transition time from the Badshot Lea Adult Education to the present The Kiln Photo Workshops. To The Kiln, he was a sort of a patron, I can say.’ Abb Abbas-Nazari, the Director of The Kiln Photo Workshops, remembered Michael’s dedication to promote culture and education in the community.

Abb Abbas Nazari, the director of The Kiln Photo Workshops remembering Michael Provert

Equally importantly, Michael’s contribution to local history is noteworthy. He had been enthralled by local histories and built extensive collection of old pictures, maps and periodicals for the community of Badshot Lea. Looking at old archives that he had left with us, we affectionally remember him, his passion to the community and that of people. His archives also bring us some amazement by finding how the village of Badshot Lea and those residents’ life had been changed over decades.

It is our pleasure to share some images of his archives here including old images of the Hop Kiln, which originally built in 1886 and converted to the current Badshot Lea Village Hall with much efforts and hard work by Michael and other Trustees. 

We would like to pray for his soul resting in peace and wish to thank him for all our happy memory that we shared with him.

the Hop Kiln, which originally built in 1886

the current Badshot Lea Village Hall, which turned 131 years old in 2017

The Kiln Photo Workshops located at the top floor (Tice Gallery) at the Badshot Lea Village Hall

(image: Michael Provert' Photo Archive)

New Year's Greetings from The Kiln- New Spring Term 2017

We are pleased to welcome our students and new photographers to the Kiln Photo Workshops.

Mondays (10am - 1pm):
Term begins: 16th January
Half term: 20th February
Term ends: 27th March

Thursdays (6.30pm - 9.30pm):
Term begins: 19th January
Half term: 23rd February
Term ends: 30th March

Saturdays (10am-1pm):
Term begins: 21st January
Half term: 25th February
Term ends: 1st April

Depending on interest, we may offer an additional daytime session.

Standard Rate: £250.00
Concessionary Rate (O.A.P.): £225.00

You are welcome to come along for an introductory session to see the facilities and discuss with the tutors how you would like to develop your interest and skills in photography.

We hope to enjoy exploring the world of photography with you in 2017.

Abbs, Rachel, Dylan and Rachel

For further information, please contact us on:
email: thekilnphoto@gmail.com
telephone: 07973282418 (Abbas-Nazari, the director)
please find more information at How To Join

Summer Exhibition at Surrey Artists' Open Studios

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the visitors who supported and dropped by Summer Photography Exhibition at The Kiln Photo Workshops during the Surrey Artists' Open Studios.

Exhibition & Studio Open Dates: Closed - Thank you!
Sat 6th - Sun 21st June 2015 (10am-5pm) daily

For further information for preparatory photography workshops, please call: 07973282418 or email to: thekilnphoto@gmail.com (Abbas-Nazari, the director)

the Surrey Artists' Open Studios

The Kiln, Badshot Lea Village Hall,
St. Georges Road, Badshot Lea,
Farnham, GU9 9LY

The Kiln Photo Workshops are a 13 minute drive from Guildford via A31 or a 5 minute drive from Aldershot or Farnham Station.

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For more information, please go to How To Join or please call: 07973282418 (Abbas-Nazari, the director)

If you are interested in our exciting photography classes,
you are most welcome to come and visit any classes every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday by prior arrangement.

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